Schools Franchise: The LATITUDE BILINGUAL® Brand Licence

We have created our own bilingual education model destined for both international and native children, based on an international pedagogical approach successfully used for more than five decades.

Thanks to the accomplishments of our pupils and our mastery over the schools monitoring processes, we have developed a Global Bilingual International Schools Model and can assist you in your endeavour to create your own multilingual international school.

If it is your wish, the following message is for you!

Would you like to:

 → open your own international bilingual school and benefit from a growing market? However you wish only to build on your own teaching expertise, or simply wish to ensure a profitable business operation, without having to construct the tools and guidance yourself.

 → set up or affirm a social dimension at the heart of your company, and motivate your employees by offering them the opportunity of a top quality multilingual schooling for children right from a very young age.

 → open your city/region/ state towards more internationalism and implement an international bilingual school?

Offer yourself a turnkey school!

and benefit from our experience and know-how joining the Licences Network named LATITUDE BILINGUAL®.


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The Latitude Bilingual ® Brand Licence has the additional value of covering all the educational aspects of a school as comprehensively as those which are administrative and managerial:


On the administrative plan, the tools and procedures, developed by Latitude Bilingual ® enable to accompany the director with the role as school manager and its many functions: from setting the structure, putting internal and external communication tools in place with a secure pupil database accessible to each family, staff recruitment and training… to the daily running of the school. As such, the director masters the day to day running of his establishment and assures the continued effectiveness of his team, high level of academic results and satisfied families.


In education, Latitude Bilingual® offers children continuous bilingual learning, 50% English / 50% French (or other national language upon request), delivered with a multicultural, international teaching approach, beginning with the early years. The programme and teaching are equally suited to both international children as well as children from the host country, and allows them the choice to then integrate in to either the national or international further education systems. With this aim, Latitude Bilingual ® provides its partners with a fully bilingual teaching programme (which can be developed in partnership if necessary), detailed teaching and learning support and tools, ranging in topics from classroom organisation, individualised teaching, report writing ... to meetings with parents. All these procedures, adjusted on a permanent basis to the latest pedagogical developments, which are intended for a school team, systematically ensure high levels of academic achievement year on year.


Examples of possible support*:

  • Site selection
  • Premises layout and School Project definition for local authority approval
  • Organisation and recruitment of personnel
  • Human Resources Management
  • Promotion / advertising of the school
  • Visibility on the Internet
  • Teaching and learning curriculum and its implementation throughout the school year
  • Expert guidance on how to successfully teach and combine the requirements of the international teaching program with the national curriculum, and how to evaluate progress referencing national/ international
  • Realisation and synchronisation of teaching schedule and administrative follow up
  • Communication with parents (letters, displays, dedicated portal on the web, etc.)
  • Planning of expenditures
  • Monitoring the accounting, billing and retrieval of funds


* Latitude Bilingual ® provides access to all of its procedures, tools and documents through a communication platform with two uses:

  1. Direct communication between school and families via a pupil data base
  2. Direct communication between the licence and the school via a large database containing all the tools necessary for the daily running of the school, both the administrative and educational aspects.

This user friendly communication interface not only facilitates the running of the school, but its systematic, daily use will ensure that the manager follows the Latitude Bilingual ® quality assurance framework and requirements.



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