IBS of Provence, the first located in Aix-en-Provence (Luynes), the second one in Marseille between Roucas Blanc and the old port, and the third one in Montpellier. IBS of Provence, established since 1984, hosts almost 800 students within its three schools and is an IB World School with over 75 different nationalities.


IBS of Provence is not under a contract with the state, in the sense that they are not subsidized. Voluntarily set apart from any ideology, IBS is a member of the FNEP, National Federation of Private Education (la FNEP, Fédération Nationale de l'Enseignement Privé). In addition, IBS is full member of the European Council of International Schools, ECIS (Conseil Européen des Écoles Internationales, l'ECIS), an independent official body which ensures, through regular inspections, quality and ethics of the member schools. IBS is also working to meet the requirements of the National French Inspection Académique, with which it is registered, and was able to audit and verify the rigor and relevance of its procedures. Finally, IBS of Provence offers an official preparation site for the University of Cambridge English Exam.EPIM LuynesEPIM LuynesBecause the children of today will be the students of tomorrow, starting their studies in France, continuing on in United States and finishing in Japan, IBS gives the opportunity to prepare early on for an international future.

Bilingual learning as early as kindergarten EPIM Marseille

The most sensitive period for learning a language is from birth to the age of 8.

 A 2 year old child recognizes the languages ​​to which it is exposed and can clearly express him or herself in one or the other. This is why, at IBS of Provence, as in any international school in the world, language is not considered a subject of study: the child must simply use them to access activities that are shared in English or French during the week accompanied by professors of the native language.EPIM Marseille

At IBS of Provence, English is not a foreign language.


A school where your child blossoms and is cared for

IBS of Provence offers your child a calm and safe environment purpose designed for his/her needs. For this reason, we have deliberately chosen to limit number of students per class.


IBS - Marseille
  • We combine order and spontaneity, discipline and independence, and promote social skills and moral value teaching in the classroom.
  • We hold creativity in high esteem and aim to share the region's cultural riches with the child through numerous activities.
  • Finally, we use multi-media resources, technologies available to children from birth, because they, like language learning, immediately appeal to broad conceptual understanding. Therefore, at EPIM, activities are designed to stimulate the individual spirit of initiative, whilst the individual is encouraged to participate productively in a group situation and to acquire a sense of responsibility

Your child builds independence in preparation for his/her introduction into society

Our experience and independence from all ideology caters for your child's fundamental needs.


At IBS of Provence, the teaching team is made up exclusively of specialists. Armed with their expertise, they model individualised educational principles, drawing on the natural predisposition of each child.


The effectiveness of the programme is further enhanced by stimulating the child's thought and curiosity to speed up development and allow each child's personality to blossom. Therefore, teachers organise group activities with each child in mind.


Our decisions are purely based on the grounds of your child's interest and future.


Teachers at IBS of Provence


Your satisfaction and your child's well-being are our main concern. Day after day we are building together with parents their child's future.

EPIM Luynes
IBS of Provence Luynes


Each of the decisions taken by the teaching team is accompatnied by the desire to anticipate the expectations of parents for the benefit and enjoyment of the child, and effectiveness of their education. Each approach is driven by the motivation to become ever more efficient.


EPIM Luynes
IBS of Provence Luynes


Essential to the curriculum at IBS is striving for continous improvement and evolution. For this reason, the schools are systematically monitored by educational inspectors to ensure the coherence of it's teaching program with the French national academic program as well as the international program. Organized around experienced teachers from both international and French schools, some graduates of Fine Arts, the Conservatory or their international equivalent, teacihng music, visual arts and drama in English and French, IBS continuously refers to official programs and conducts evaluations throughout the year, to ensure implamentation of a program tailored to abilities, needs and emotions of each child.



What makes IBS International?

EPIM : Summer Party
IBS : Summer Party

IBS of Provence is international because:


  • The school census includes children from both local and international families. Our enriched bilingual curriculum places strong emphasis on the academic performance and development of the whole child ; We have over 65 different nationalities in our school.
  • The school is considered by local and regional authorities as being one of the city's assets for attracting international companies.

What is IBS of Provence's history?

The three founders have a broad international professional and personal experience. They have solid leadership, business and management skills. With over 30 years experience, and now four international schools (two in Aix-en-Provence, one in Marseille and one in Montpellier), families can be reassured that their child's future is in competent and qualified hands.


What is the philosophy of IBS of Provence on international education?

IBS of Provence strives to prepare open-minded thinkers who will be prepared to meet the demands of an ever changing society in a responsible and respectful manner. The school provides a well-balanced curriculum taking into consideration each child's intellectual, social, emotional and artistic development. The languages of instruction are English and French at all levels. Admission is based on an open policy and each application is considered on individual merit.


What is our primary curriculum?

Having identified certain international schools and evaluated their different possible educational alternatives, we chose in 2003 to use the IB - PYP philosophy and principles of education. The school offers the added-value of integrating the French national curriculum requirements in its curriculum.


Sport at EPIM
Sport at IBS



Subjects taught include languages, mathematics, social studies, science and technology, personal, social and physical education and the arts. IBS has access to the local gymnasium in Marseille and our own sports campus in Aix-en-Provence (Luynes).



EPIM Luynes
IBS Luynes


IBS of Provence Luynes has an extra curricular programme in English every Wednesday afternoon and during school holidays.



EPIM LuynesIBS is an excellent alternative to the Nursery/Creche as it accepts children starting at 2 years of age!

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