Bilingual leisure club

The Creative Arts in English Club at the EPIM, International Private School of Marseille, offers afterschool activities created for children from 4 years to 10 years of age, open Wednesday afternoons.


When learning another language, grammar and vocabulary are fundamental. However, opportunities for actual communication in the target language should also be part of the learning process. Young children acquire a second language naturally through immersion, an advantage adults no longer enjoy when studying a foreign language.

Our essential activity : Creative Arts in English

Over the course of a three-hour session, children practice the arts, theater, dance, music, computer graphics, etc...all the while becoming familiar with English under the guidance of an instructor who is a native-speaker of English or a perfectly bilingual, experienced teacher.

At the EPIM, our main endeavor is to provide children with the opportunity to experience a natural English environment. Each activity permits the child to communicate in the target language, thus developing real competency. Children become open-minded toward cultural diversity, improving their capacity to adapt and perform in bilingual situations.

The objectives of the Creative Arts in English Club are:

  • teach English to children formally and informally through immersion practices for non-native speakers
  • enhance artistic, musical and dramatic appreciation for native speakers with highly qualified art teachers
  • offer children a creative environment where they feel encouraged to participate in activities designed to make them comfortable in English


Activities conducted in English at the Leisure Club engage a child's creativity in the process of learning the English language. Total immersion practices enable children to speak the target language in natural situations that encourage them to take turns speaking English. Instructors make use of theater games, dance and songs, always mindful never to force children to repeat nor to forbid them from resorting to French. The aim is to always encourage children to take the risk of expressing themselves, without placing undue stress on them, gently bringing them into linguistic immersion.

At the EPIM Leisure Club, through arts and crafts, music and games, artistic projects, etc... children not only take advantage of afterschool activities that enrich their lives, but they interact in a stimulating environment where all aspects of their development are taken into account. Thanks to fun activities, following an educational program implemented by professionals, the EPIM encourages talent and cultivates a genuine love of learning in children from early their childhood, which will accompany them throughout their lives.

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