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At IBS Primary School, the week is split equally, half in English and half in French, so that each child actually has two teachers; one English and one French with the younger children benefiting from an assistant. Our art and music teachers are also either French or English.

Going above and beyond its bilingual IBS provides opportunities for non native English students to continue to make progress in their national curriculum program.

Working with experienced professors from their own country, the children benefit from two to three hours weekly of study in their language, incorporated into the school's bilingual French / English schedule.

With this reinforced teaching, children can then easily make the transition back into their school system that they left a few years earlier.

In addition to this total immersion bilingual school, IBS's curriculum is based on a program developed by international schools over fifty years ago, which is continuously updated, and designed specifically for children between the ages of 3 to 12 years. The program is interdisciplinary, and each subject is dealt with in a coherent manner and preserves its importance. Mathematics, for example, is also discussed in science, geography, music, etc.

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This curriculum ensures that the child:

  • Develops a deep understanding of key concepts
  • Acquires and, more importantly, puts into practice all the skills necessary to flourish
  • Develops a positive attitude towards learning, the environment and others
  • Is accountable and responsible

The program uses a variety of assessment tools that accurately measure the level of learning of each child and thus makes it possible to create an individualized program that suits him. Through daily activities, teachers continually measure the progress of children in their knowledge acquisition and expertise. With the support of these evaluations, they are then able to plan future activities with the children, organizing the class into groups of same level, with progress being reported to parents on a regular basis.

The Elementary (Primary) school program focuses on critical thinking, personal responsibility in learning, curiosity and the spirit of helping others. It involves the child, that they are actively involved and becomes an actor in their own learning.

In addition to using this international program that involves over 2000 schools worldwide, EPIM also includes highlights of national programs in order to prepare children to continue their studies both in France and internationally.

Key to a child's success at school

Helping the child succeed At IBS, one of the major advantages is it's individualized academic program in a stimulating environment. In addition, a bilingual immersion education starting in early childhood, through reasoning skills, memory and abstraction leads to superior performance in all areas taught, including language.

We take to heart a child's future and a parent's trust

Preparing a child for their international future

English is the language used internationally, both spoken and written. Today, IBS prepares each child with school exchanges for academic mobility and international professions between European countries. At IBS, the children discover and learn to appreciate cultural diversity and global wealth.

The International Bilingual School of Provence offers each child much more than just increasing their language skills

IBS leads the child on their way to autonomy by teaching them to participate actively in their learning.

They offer children the choice of many educational activities, spontaneous and collective, to enable them to be agents of their own learning path.

We offer them every opportunity to exercise their full potential and teach them that they can enjoy learning and to prepare them to be comfortable with any situation to later face the realities of an ever-changing society with ease.

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