We were welcomed as Kings !

10.01.2017 Caution : This article is outdated. Please check its validity. What a nice outfit to discover the bakery of Luynes ! This visit fits perfectly into current themes of the 1rst and 2nd terms : "changes" - from flour to final product- and "celebrations".



We saw the preparation of the pasty for croissants in the bread making machine : the baker mixed flour, sugar, water, and leaven. We tasted the flour and smelled the yeast. Then, we observed the baker when he shaped the bread dough and cooked it into the oven : amazing « baguettes » came out, and we were so glad to taste them !


The pastry cook also presented his cooking equipment, explaining what each instrument was used for. He let us taste small cookies and candied fruits used to decorate the « King’s cake ».


A tasting of Galettes des Rois closed our fantastic outfit.

Tons of thanks to the so friendly team of the bakery who welcome us ... like Kings ;) !


The PL-PS class




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